Elevations Residential Treatment Center Opens Their Doors

Elevations Residential Treatment Center Opens Their Doors

Elevations Residential Treatment Center Opens Their Doors
Elevations Residential Treatment Center Opens Their Doors

Elevations RTC is thrilled to announce that as of May 1, 2014, they have successfully opened their comprehensive, owner-operated treatment programs in Syracuse, UT, specifically oriented toward caring for troubled teens ages 13-17. As an organization dedicated to the healing of struggling teens who suffer from many different types of challenges, the focus of care which Elevations RTC provides is separated by explicit need.

This has resulted in the founders of Elevations RTC deciding to open two separate programs: Elevations RTC, their primary, co-ed residential treatment facility on a picturesque, therapeutic campus; and Viewpoint Center, a psychiatric hospital in a separate area of the campus, offering more specialized care.

Committed to addressing issues such as substance abuse, mood disorders, ADHD, depression, self-harm, trauma, mild eating disorders, academic failure, anxiety, low self-esteem, abuse, trauma, and more, Elevations RTC has not only put together the finest clinical staff for their students, but has also established unique method for implementing their clinical philosophy. It isn’t just the trio of Systematic, Relational and Social Learning theories which Elevations uses to help their students heal, it is also their innovative, interdisciplinary approach allows for optimal success in their adolescent care.

Offering comprehensive psychiatric and medical services, therapeutic recreational activities, college preparatory academics, and therapy with includes milieu, individual, group and family therapies, there is no student who doesn’t receive the type of individualized care they desperately need.

Should more acute care be required, the psychiatric hospital at Viewpoint Center offers additional services such as psychiatric stabilization, neuropsychological assessment, prescriptive service integration and comprehensive clinical treatment. As a whole, Elevations RTC is focused on the healing and care of all trouble teens who need assistance, and within their campuses, they are equipped to handle any circumstance or condition.

Elevations RTC is grateful that they were lucky to discover such a beautiful therapeutic campus coming available at just the right time. The ability to acquire such a stunning location so quickly, that fit so well with their therapeutic goals, was a not just a benefit for the organization, but for all students and families who will eventually heal there.

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