Acceptable Invasion of Privacy? Using Social Media to Monitor the Well Being of Your Son


Acceptable Invasion of Privacy? Using Social Media to Monitor the Well Being of Your SonEveryone has a right to make their own choices, but if my two year old tries to cross a busy highway I am going to override his right to make a choice. That’s a clear example, however, the lines get blurred when you have a teen that is transitioning into an adult and may want to make choices that are not necessarily harmful, they just want them to be private. My father used to read my journal and record all of the phone calls coming and going from our home—before the age of cell phones and instant messaging. On the one hand, he kept a close eye on us. On the other, I found ways to outsmart him and as is often heard, “teens will find a way to do what they want.” I kept a dummy journal and developed code words to use on the phone with my friends. Even if you are the parent, there has to be a level of respect offered to your child. Not necessarily because you feel they deserve it, but because they need to learn that not only is respect earned, it’s also given.

It is tougher than ever to be a parent today with the internet and instant communication technology. Ashcreek Ranch Academy uses a combination of evidence-based therapy, equine therapy and group counseling. They embrace the method of Positive Peer Culture to treat struggling boys. If you have a troubled adolescent who needs help, call (435) 215-0500 for more information.

Finding The Right Balance 

Times have changed and so have the dangers that can reach your teen boys. As a necessity, parents would be foolish to not take advantage of monitoring their son’s activities through social media. As a parent you are not only responsible for raising your child, you are also responsible for protecting him. Teenagers do not have the same life experience that you do and may not be as cautious. Parenting is a responsibility, not a popularity contest. Your son’s protection should come as a priority. You should find the right balance between protecting and invading. For more questions about using social media to monitor your son, call (435) 215-0500.


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