From Policy to Sex Scandals: Politicians Have Never Been a Worse Influence on Troubled Teens

By Craig Rogers

From Policy to Sex Scandals: Politicians Have Never Been a Worse Influence on Troubled TeensIn an ideal world, politicians are meant to be role models for the population. They are directly involved in making the laws, so one would think that the way that they live their lives would be in a way that would influence people in a positive manner. Red Rock Canyon School is a residential treatment center that is able to offer to teenagers role models in the form of therapists and counselors. If you are a parent that is interested in Red Rock Canyon School and you want to find out more information about what we do, please give us a call today at 866-452-8121.

How Politicians Are A Negative Influence on Teenagers

More and more bills are proposed every year that infringe on the rights of the common American, and many politicians that are trying to push these bills through often live in a way that doesn’t represent the laws that they are trying to pass. Many politicians end up involved in things like sex scandals and other negative behavior, all the while putting on a face that makes them look good in the media. 

The example this sets for people, especially for impressionable teenagers, is one that says that hypocrisy is a completely legitimate thing. Politicians wield so much power in what goes on in this country, and often times, their actions and activities are entirely reprehensible. Troubled teens need role models that teach them to stick to what they believe and to follow through in a positive manner. This often needs to start in the home. Parents that are involved in their teenager’s life can have a majorly positive influence from the start. Teach your students the difference between right and wrong and that hypocrisy is negative.


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