How A Smart, Happy Girl Let Impulsive Choices Ruin Her Life


How A Smart, Happy Girl Let Impulsive Choices Ruin Her LifeSexting can lead to horrendous outcomes and ruin a teenager’s life. Our story begins with Katie as told in her own words.

I was fifteen, a sophomore in high school, smart, and got good grades.  Even though I was a happy girl, I was having a difficult time with the biggest breakup of my existence. “If you want us to get back together, then send me a photo”, was what the text read.  Without thinking, I slipped into the bathroom, took off my shirt, then bra, and snapped a picture.  As I pressed the send button, I never realized how that would change my whole life.

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Warning to Impulsive Teens

By the very next day, the photo had been forwarded to every person in my boyfriend’s contact list.  Not only his friends and classmates, but teachers, family and even his parents received the naked photo.  Instantly, I went from the good girl to the one with the worst reputation in my whole school.  I started getting harassed by complete strangers calling me names in the hallways like, whore and slut and I got texts from other kids who wanted to beat me up.  The bullying was so bad that I was afraid to walk in the halls alone.  Even my family was harassed when a group of people vandalized my house and broke some windows.

Almost everyone, including students and teachers were making my life a living hell.  An adult in the neighborhood invited me over for drinks because he liked my picture and it even affected my boss at work.  I tried to report it to the police, but they were not going to do anything, unless the bullying became physical.  I sent a picture to someone I trusted and now thousands of people I didn’t know, knew me.  Beyond being completely horrified, self-conscience and humiliated, I felt completely alone and that’s when I contemplated suicide.

Suicide would be my way out of the shame and embarrassment I was forever trapped under.  Luckily, through therapy, I was able to get help before I succeeded in putting an end to myself.  It had taken a long time to figure out who I was after my high school experience.  I will never completely get over what happened, but I’ve learned how to think about my choices and reactions before doing something that will affect the rest of my existence.


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