I Think My Daughter May Have Finally Stopped Caring About Anything Other Than Getting High


I Think My Daughter May Have Finally Stopped Caring About Anything Other Than Getting HighDrug abuse in troubled teens is never an easy topic to approach. Narcotics users in general have their lives completely altered and often destroyed due to substance abuse, and while there are many types of therapy out there, the lives of users are often changed forever. Recovery from drug abuse is a lifelong thing, and if you fear that your daughter or son is so wrapped up in substance abuse that they don’t care about anything else, the time may be nigh to seek therapy.

Lava Heights Academy is a residential treatment center that is very experienced in helping troubled teens, both boys and girls, face problems like addiction and overcome them. It’s never easy, but we are here to help. If you are interested in learning more about our program and what we do, please call one of our Family Advocates today at 866.452.8772.

Troubled Teens and Drug Abuse

Drugs particularly harm teenagers who are in adolescence. Abuse of narcotics and dependence upon harmful chemicals can really have a major effect on the mental and emotional development of teenagers. Too often illicint substance users become so addicted that they know no better, and apathy takes over. As a parent, being there for your student can majorly help them with their problems.

There’s no easy way to help addicts overcome their issues. Every student is different, and drug abuse affects different people in different ways. Rehabilitation programs are a solid first step to helping troubled teens face their issues and start the detox process. Your support and guidance along the way can make all the difference to their recovery for the long term. Don’t give up on your student, even when your student has given up on their self. 


Behavioral Health


Wilderness Therapy

RTC (Residential Treatment Centers)

Therapeutic Boarding School

Education Consultants/Mental Health

Intensive Outpatient Programs
Mental Health Counselor/Therapists
Kid is being worked with “at home”, local therapy. They want their client back

Focus on: (referral based)
Mental Health personnel
Educational Consultants

IOP patients

Addiction Treatment

Types: NTAAP - NAADAC - Foundations


Primary Care: 28 days

Extended Care: 60-90 days

Long Term Care: up to 1 year
12 step programs
Celebrate Recovery

Sober Living/IOP:


Focus on:
Mental Health facilities

Mental Health

Types: APA

911/Emergency: immediate crisis

Stabilization: up to 28 days

Psych Stay: 1-2 months

Structured Living:


Focus on:
Guidance Counselors
Public Professionals