Jello Shots and Other Secret Ways Kids Drink


Jello Shots and Other Secret Ways Kids DrinkTeens are becoming more and more tricky in the ways that the consume alcohol, which can be very dangerous.  Jello shots are just one of many secret ways teens have developed to consume alcohol, so parents must keep their eyes out for this.  There can be overwhelming consequences that accompany underage drinking, so preventative measures are important.

If you have found out that your son or daughter has secretly been consuming booze, finding the right kind of professional help can teach them why they should embrace being sober.  Cedar Ridge Academy has experience with dealing with teenage alcohol issues, so call them today for assistance at 866-471-6629.

The Changing Kinds Of Teenage Alcohol Consumption

Teenagers recognize that it’s becoming more and more difficult to outsmart their parents as far as drinking goes, so they have been forced to get more creative with their methods.  Jello shots are one example, because parents will have no idea what their child is planning when they buy the Jello.  A few other ways that teens have been known to secretly drink involve putting beer or liquor in opaque water bottles so that it isn’t immediately recognizable what kind of liquid is in it.  There is no reason to suspect that they are doing anything wrong.  They also tend to mix their booze with drinks that have their own very distinct odor, like certain juices and sodas, which makes their consumption even less detectable, because it cannot be smelled.  Another prevalent way of drinking is by emptying soda cans and putting wine or beer in it.  Adolescents can openly carry their booze around without any fear of detection.  It is frightening how easy it is becoming for young people to get drunk, so it is through learning these methods, and the many other strange ones, that parents can learn to keep a closer eye on the drinking habits of their son or daughter.

Help Through Cedar Ridge

Consuming beer or liquor is a terrible habit for young people to fall into, because it can affect their academic and personal lives.  If you feel your child has a problem with this, Cedar Ridge Academy can provide the therapy they need to overcome it.


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