Like Most People I am Scared of Drug Dealers, Which is a Problem Ever Since My Son Started Selling Weed


I grew up in a small town and don’t think I even kneLike Most People I am Scared of Drug Dealers, Which is a Problem Ever Since My Son Started Selling Weedw what a dealer was until I was in high school and that was just because of television. When I first heard that my son was doing weed, I was scared to death. I had no idea how serious it was or how it was going to affect our family. I was afraid he would start stealing and drop out of school or live on the streets. But then, another parent told me that my son was selling weed to her son. That made him a drug dealer—the bad character I saw in movies and was frightened to have near my children. Now I had someone who sold illegal substances to other kids living in my own home? He was my sweet little boy and now he was what, a criminal? I wrestled at how to come to terms with this even though he was the one with the problem. Like most people would feel, it was frightening, overwhelming and embarrassing.

If you have a boy who has not only turned to substance abuse, but is also starting to be a provider to other teens, you should call for help immediately. Ashcreek Ranch Academy uses a combination of evidence-based therapy, equine therapy and group counseling. They embrace the method of Positive Peer Culture to treat struggling boys. If you have a troubled boy who needs help, call (435) 215-0500 for more information.

The Paralyzing Fear

It’s quite a shock to learn your son it smoking marijuana, but you hit an entirely new level when you find out he’s a drug dealer. I had so many questions about who would be coming to our house, what about my younger children, what if the police showed up, would he be going to jail, and what must the neighbors think? Our whole family felt like it was in ruins. I know we needed to get our son help, but I needed help too. This wasn’t something I was ever prepared to deal with and I didn’t think it would happen to my family. Narcotic use can be frightening for parents and families to understand. If you have questions and want help with your son, call (435) 215-0500.


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