Maturing With Teenage Stars: How to Help Your Troubled Teen Understand That Young Justin Bieber Was a Nice Kid and New Bieber Is a Goon


Maturing With Teenage Stars: How to Help Your Troubled Teen Understand That Young Justin Bieber Was a Nice Kid and New Bieber Is a GoonJustin Bieber is just one example of many celebrities who have made the transition from nice kid to bad influence, so it’s crucial that your show your troubled teen that they should be maturing in a very different way.  He was once a wholesome, talented figure for young people to look up to, so it has become very disappointing to see his bad behavior in recent months.  It is unfortunate that many young people are so heavily influenced by him, because his unsavory actions are sending a bad message.

If your son or daughter is too closely emulating the actions of Justin Bieber, he may need some help to turn them onto the right track.  Cedar Ridge Academy knows how to teach teens the right values and morals to improve their actions, so call them today for assistance at 866-471-8579.

Celebrity Influence On Teenagers

Because teenagers these days are so hooked to their electronics, the media is having a bigger influence than ever before.  Adolescents can instantaneously get updates on the goings-on of their favorite celebrities, one of the most popular being Justin.  He started out as a young and innocent performer, and is now exhibiting some pretty troubling behavior, including reckless driving, violence against paparazzi, and supposed drug use.  Many of his fans are of approximately the same age as he is, and are maturing right along side him, so it’s crucial that parents stress the error in his actions.  There are many other teenage stars who are having the same negative influence on boys and girls, including Miley Cyrus.  Miley, who began her career as a sweet, loveable child, has become overly-sexualized and scandalous.

Getting Assistance for Your Child

Parents should encourage and support the early behavior of celebrities like these, but show to their teenagers how easy it is for nice kids to become reckless, drug-using goons.  If you fear that your son or daughter has crossed this line, Cedar Ridge Academy has the proper tools and therapy to reform them, so contact them with any questions if you are interested.


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