Mean Kids Grow Up Into Lonely Adults:  I Should Know, I Was One


Mean Kids Grow Up Into Lonely Adults:  I Should Know, I Was OneI was a mean kid once, so I know that they have a knack for alienating and pushing away those around them, which makes them grow up into lonely adults.  Rude kids don’t connect with others easily because they are usually out for their own benefit.  It took me until it was far too late to realize that by being a jerk, I had ensured that no one wanted to be around me. I had no friends, no one liked me, and it has remained that way through my whole life.

If you are the parent of a mean kid, it’s important to get him or her help, because I know first hand that the effects can go through their entire life.  Cedar Ridge Academy is skilled in handling issues like these that teens often have, so call them today for help at 866-471-6629.

Being Hurtful Harms Yourself Too

Teenagers should never underestimate the consequences that come from treating others poorly.  I thought it was funny to bully kids through middle and high school.  I never thought it meant much of anything, and it made me feel powerful and in control.  However, as time moved onward, everyone that was close to me started to drift away.  It wasn’t until the damage had taken full effect that I realized I was alone.  Nobody wants to hang out with the jerk who takes advantage of others.  Being “in charge” as a bully wasn’t worth the isolation it caused me, because by the end of high school, I was spending all of my weekends and lunch breaks alone.  I try to stress to kids the importance of treating their peers well and establishing yourself as a kind and caring person, because harmful to others isn’t worth whatever enjoyment or power it brings you.

Cedar Ridge Academy Can Help

If you’re worried that your son or daughter is going to face a lonely life as a consequence of their behavior, the right kind of professional help can turn it around.  Cedar Ridge Academy teaches boys and girls the socialization skills they need to avoid the problems I have been facing my whole life, so contact them for assistance.


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