Teen Bullying and Troubled Teens


Bullying can have a major impact on the lives of people who experience it. But how can we stop it? If you are being bullied, you need to remember that you have a right to live a life without fear or intimidation. Many people are afraid that if they tell someone they are being bullied they will make the situation worse. But the reality is that while you don’t tell someone, the situation is certainly not going to stop. It will continue and possibly escalate. Many struggling teens don’t know how to overcome the problems that they are faced with and many need to be placed in the correct environment in order to restore themselves. For immediate assistance contact a child placing specialist at TroubledTeenSearch.com, 866-439-8112. They can educate you on how to place your struggling teen in the correct environment in order to receive the help they need to overcome their struggles.

Some strategies that have been suggested by a range of sources are:

1. Avoid the bully/bullies. Just stay away from them.

2. Stay with a group. For example if you know the bully is waiting on your way home, don’t walk home alone.

3. Pretend not to hear what is being said. When I was being bullied, I chose to ignore my bullies. The guys who bullied me couldn’t handle it because they weren’t getting the reaction they wanted, so they stopped (although you have to persist with this, sometimes the bullying will get worse because they are trying harder for a reaction, but in my case it did pay off eventually). Remember though, that ignoring them doesn’t necessarily mean it hurts you any less, so it’s valuable to have someone you can talk to about how you are feeling.

4. Tell the bullies, “I don’t like that and I want you to stop.” That may sound scary, and I guess there’s a chance they’ll say, “Tough luck“, but sometimes bullies don’t have any idea how they are affecting you, and by making them aware that you don’t think it’s a joke may be enough to make them stop.

5. Build your own self-confidence. This can be easier to say than do, but bullies are less likely to pick on you if you are confident. If you lack confidence, then again, talk to someone who can help you in this area.

6. Tell someone. Getting help to change a terrible situation is usually the most effective way to get rid of the troubled kids that bully you. Nobody should have to live with the effects of being bullied. Many people are afraid to tell a teacher, or another adult, because they think it will make the situation worse. But I have heard many stories where telling a teacher actually stopped the bullying. The teacher set up a conference situation, possibly over several sessions, where the bully and the victim both expressed their side of the story. Usually the bully was then able to see what life was like for the victim, and the bullying stopped.

The Kids Helpline website distinguishes between telling and dobbing. They say: “Dobbing is when you tell what someone has done which is against the rules. It usually gets someone into trouble. Asking for help is when you tell what someone has done to a person against their wishes. It usually gets someone out of trouble. These are just a few tips. If you would like more check out the following websites: These include: Bullying Online www.bullying.co.uk There’s a lot of great info on this site. If you are particularly wanting strategies for yourself if you are being bullied, click on the “Advice to Pupils section. Kids Helpline www.kidshelp.com.au This Australian website contains info sheets on bullying and links to other sites. It is also a good site for any problem you might have. There is even access to counselors via email.

Another site that is not specifically about bullying but is about helping young people through tough times is the Reach Out Website. This an Australian organization that is doing some fantastic stuff. The web address is www.reachout.com.au Let me just repeat that if you have been a victim of bullying, I encourage you to tell someone. Telling someone is not dobbing. It is standing up for your rights. You have a right to live a life without fear or torment. And if the person you tell does nothing, tell someone else. Keep talking until someone takes you seriously. Also remember that you are not alone. You are not the only one. There are others who have been what you have been through. And you are special. I can guarantee that you have gifts and abilities that are unique and beautiful and waiting to be discovered. God promises us that. I thought I had nothing to offer the world after all those years I was teased, but I do and so do you too!

Many parents don’t know the correct way to restore their struggling teen and need a professional to educate them. For parents that need immediate assistance dealing with an out of control teen, TroubledTeenSearch.com (TTS) specializes in educating parents about different youth programs for troubled teens such as different types of boarding schools, boot camps, Christian schools and many other youth facilities for both boys and girls. TTS provides you with the information to place your troubled teen in the perfect teen treatment center for you and your troubled teen. If you have any questions or concerns contact, TTS immediately to talk to a child placing specialist at 866-439-8112.


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