The Pain Behind My Son's Explosive Anger


The Pain Behind My Son's Explosive AngerIt is essential for parents to realize that a issue like explosive anger is almost always indicative of deeper problems that will require therapy and support to overcome. Please don’t fall into the common trap of believe that your son or daughter will be able to deal with this on their own. Statistics have clearly demonstrated that the majority of youths who don’t get professional assistance will continue to struggle into adulthood. This isn’t what any parent wants for their child and you have the power to prevent it. By reaching out to a program for help, you will be doing the best thing possible for your child and the rest of your family.

Triangle Cross Ranch’s programs specialize in assisting boys who have been struggling with a wide variety of issues in turning their lives around. If you have a family member who is in need of our assistance we encourage you to contact us as quickly as possible at 1-866-471-6695.

I always thought my child was a pretty normal kid right up until he turned 16. Practically overnight, his personality seemed to change dramatically. A normally happy and carefree kid now seemed constantly angry, sometimes even violent. This impacted many aspects of his life, especially his school performance. He went from performing at a very high academic level to struggling in nearly every class, regularly acting out, getting in fights, and ditching class. My wife and I were very worried about these developments, but we made the same mistake as many parents in assuming that it was just a phase that would pass quickly. I now realize that this mentality just gets in the way of finding effective help. Eventually, a school counselor asked us to come in for a talk about our son’s behavior. After going over some of the issues we had both observed, he recommended that we consider enrolling our boy into a program that helps individuals deal with explosive behavior. I am now happy to report that after returning from treatment, my boy seems to be completely changed. He has his emotions back under control and has resumed a healthy, happy, and normal life.


Behavioral Health


Wilderness Therapy

RTC (Residential Treatment Centers)

Therapeutic Boarding School

Education Consultants/Mental Health

Intensive Outpatient Programs
Mental Health Counselor/Therapists
Kid is being worked with “at home”, local therapy. They want their client back

Focus on: (referral based)
Mental Health personnel
Educational Consultants

IOP patients

Addiction Treatment

Types: NTAAP - NAADAC - Foundations


Primary Care: 28 days

Extended Care: 60-90 days

Long Term Care: up to 1 year
12 step programs
Celebrate Recovery

Sober Living/IOP:


Focus on:
Mental Health facilities

Mental Health

Types: APA

911/Emergency: immediate crisis

Stabilization: up to 28 days

Psych Stay: 1-2 months

Structured Living:


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Guidance Counselors
Public Professionals