Tough Can Only Get You So Far: Helping Struggling Boys Find Real Strength in the Lord


Tough Can Only Get You So Far: Helping Struggling Boys Find Real Strength in the LordA common factor among nearly every struggling boy is a lack of religious foundation. If your son is lacking a relationship with God, he will be much more likely to get into troubled and engage in various risky activities. One of the best ways to help troubled youths is by fixing this problem. Spiritual guidance can help your son make it through the issues he’s been dealing with and emerge a happier and healthier individual.

Triangle Cross Ranch’s program incorporates Catholic teachings to build a strong religious foundation in the youths we treat. You can reach us today at 1-866-471-6695.

I’ve Spent My Life Guiding Young People Closer To God

As a pastor, I have personally spent my life trying to show people how their lives can be changed if they are willing to open themselves up to a personal relationship with the Lord. Unfortunately, our culture is moving further and further away from emphasizing the importance of religion in our lives. This has left millions of individuals feeling alone, lost, confused, and unsure where to turn for the support and guidance they need. However, the saddest situation occurs when children are denied a strong religious foundation because their parents have left the church. The process of growing up can be difficult and without God many youths will lose themselves during the process. I’ve tried to respond personally to this epidemic of lost faith among the youth by reaching out to young people in my community and showing the first hand the place Jesus can hold in their lives. The transformation that takes place as they open themselves up to this process is amazing to watch and nothing short of miraculous. I spend much of my time working in the inner city and I have seen teens who had been drug addicts, gang members, dropouts, and prostitutes find redemption and hope through Jesus Christ. If you have a son or daughter who has been struggling, please don’t underestimate the impact finding the Lord could have on their life.


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