Unemployable, Needy and Sad: How I Let My Potential Dwindle As My Friends Started Buying Homes and Building Families


Unemployable, Needy and Sad: How I Let My Potential Dwindle As My Friends Started Buying Homes and Building FamiliesIt wasn’t until I looked around and realized that all of my friends were starting to buy houses and build families that I truly noticed how sad my life had become and how I had completely let my potential dwindle.  In what felt like the blink of an eye, I transformed from a slightly directionless teenager with a drinking habit into a full-blown adult addict.  It made me realize how out of my own control my life had gotten, and hard it would be for me to turn it around, which was a scary feeling.  

If you’re concerned that your teen’s life is headed in the same direction as mine because of their substance abuse, it is never too early for you to seek professional help for them.  Lion’s Gate Recovery understands how delicate the issue of addiction is, and they have many years of experience helping young people cope with it, so call them today for assistance at 866-471-9476.

My Journey With Addiction

My struggles as an addict started in high school when I began to experiment with alcohol.  Of course, as all teens do, I assumed it was pretty harmless, just something to do with my friends.  As time went on, I became more invested in it than they did.  I was always the one instigating the drinking, and when they didn’t want to, I started drinking alone.  It became something that wasn’t just a social activity for me, but something I needed to enjoy myself.  My grades went downhill as a consequence of my frequent alcohol consumption, I even stooped as low as drinking before school occasionally.  I prioritized alcohol above everything else, which is why I was never able to hack it in college.  Now I find myself sad, lonely, and unable to get a job because I have no skills and an alcohol dependency

Getting Help With Lion’s Gate Recovery

It’s incredibly difficult to watch your friends move towards successful and fulfilling lives while you stand stagnant.  This is why young people suffering with addiction need places like Lion’s Gate Recovery to help them work past their problems.  Call them for help or with any questions today.


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