What Does it Mean When Good Kids Get Bad Grades?


What Does it Mean When Good Kids Get Bad Grades?When good kids start getting bad grades, it is never good news.  If a teen who has previously performed well in school starts letting their GPA drop, it can mean some very bad things.  As the mother of a teenager who this has happened to, I think it’s incredibly important for parents to know why this could happen, and more importantly, how to react to it.

If your son or daughter starts doing worse in school, it’s crucial that your put them on the right track and improve their performance with the right kind of professional help.  Cedar Ridge Academy helps boys and girls with this issue and many others, so call them for help today at 866-471-6629.

Why Academic Performance Can Change

Though poor academic performance can be caused by many different things, it was drug use in the case of my son.  He was formerly a kind, well-behaved, and loving child, which is why I would have never suspected this of him.  He tried to hide is his poor academic performance for as long as he could, but when I started getting emails about the change in his behavior from his teachers, I knew there was something wrong.  He wouldn’t answered any of my questions about his poor marks, and it took me finding a bong in his closet to finally understand what caused it.  As much as I tried to help fix the issue within the home, I could see him slipping away from me.  My son’s behavior became unrecognizable to me, and that was a scary feeling.  I tried to control the problem, but he found ways to do it outside the home, so I didn’t know what to do.  As time went on, my son fell deeper and deeper into drug use.  Because I couldn’t figure out how to assist him, his grades never improved, and he was never able to graduate high school.  

Help From Cedar Ridge Academy

Drug use is just one of many reasons you might see a drop in the grades your teenager is receiving.  I seek to inform parents that if this is happening to them, they shouldn’t hesitate to get to the bottom of the issue quickly, in case it is an issue like this.  Fortunately, Cedar Ridge Academy has the right kind of therapy and academic programs to put students on the right track, so families don’t have to fix the problem on their own.  Call them today if you are interested in what they can do.


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