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What are the best programs for troubled teens in Trumbull, CT?

The best programs for troubled teens from Trumbull, CT offer outstanding therapeutic care, college preparatory academic instruction, family therapy, and aftercare.  The best programs also offer substance abuse counseling, help for depression and anxiety, and social skills development (life skills training). Therapeutic boarding schools, boot camps, wilderness therapy programs, and drug rehabs for troubled teens are all considered "best programs for troubled teens".  If you are a parent of a troubled child we recommend that you call and speak with our Educational Consultant.  We can share with your our "best programs list".  We represeent and recommend only the best programs for troubled teens.  Call 866-439-8112.

The top programs for troubled teens empower kids to conquer behavior problems such as anger, drug abuse, disrespect, low self-esteem, and depression. Today's troubled teens take serious and dangerous risks. Troubled teens who do not cope well the stresses of life abuse drugs and alcohol, and are usually sexually promiscuous. Many troubled teens skip classes, drop out of school, hang out with thugs, run away, and more.  Our recommendation is that you call us today, and get relief. Start your family on the journey to hope and healing.

Need help finding the best programs for teens in Trumbull, CT?

Do you need help finding the best programs for troubled teens in Trumbull, CT? We are here to walk you through the research and selection process. We help parents of troubled teens from Trumbull, CT find real solutions. Programs for troubled teens have grown rapidly in recent years, and they are more popular with parents than ever before.  The best programs for troubled teens are private pay programs.  Meaning, they have nothing to do with the government.  Parents pay out of their own pocket, or they use insurance funding. Government programs for troubled teens are usually like any other government program.  Just think of the DMV or Obamacare... you will get the picture.

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Home - Best Programs for Troubled Teens

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Behavioral Health


Wilderness Therapy

RTC (Residential Treatment Centers)

Therapeutic Boarding School

Education Consultants/Mental Health

Intensive Outpatient Programs
Mental Health Counselor/Therapists
Kid is being worked with “at home”, local therapy. They want their client back

Focus on: (referral based)
Mental Health personnel
Educational Consultants

IOP patients

Addiction Treatment

Types: NTAAP - NAADAC - Foundations


Primary Care: 28 days

Extended Care: 60-90 days

Long Term Care: up to 1 year
12 step programs
Celebrate Recovery

Sober Living/IOP:


Focus on:
Intervention programs
Mental Health facilities

Mental Health

Types: APA

911/Emergency: immediate crisis

Stabilization: up to 28 days

Psych Stay: 1-2 months

Structured Living:


Focus on:
Guidance Counselors
Public Professionals