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Help me find therapy for troubled teens in Jackson, MS!

The Family Avocates of Troubled Teen Search would be honored to help you find good therapy for troubled teens in Jackson, MS.  All you need to do is call (866-439-8112).  There is good therapy happening in Jackson, MS!  And, if you do not like your therapy options, you can call us and we can connect you with our recommendations (online therapy, virtual therapy, and online coaching by therapists from outside your area).  One good thing that is moving fast, and is picking up a lot of steam, is "virtual therapy", or "online therapy".  Especially when it comes to troubled teens!  Most troubled teens are resistant to traditional therapy, and the hardest task a parent has each week is get their troubled teen in the car to go to the next therapy session.  With online therapy the fight is much less.  Kids actually feel very comfortable using Skype or other video resources.  They like "texting" their therapist (to get support in crisis, etc.).

Our recommendation to parents is that they need to think outside of the box. Today's effect therapy is not like the therapy of our parents.  Online "virtual" therapy is allowing parents to go outside of their town (or suburb) and connect with therapists from around the country.  Not only do the teens like virtual therapy, but more and more parents are beginning to like it too.  Online therapy is less hassle, and there are many advantages over traditional face-to-face therapy.

Why Doesn't Traditional Therapy Work for Troubled Teens from Jackson, MS?

Our recommendation to parents of troubled teens is to find a therapist who will get real with the troubled teen regardless of the outcome.  Many times when troubled teens are held accountable by any authority they either "shutdown", "throw a tantrum", "get defensive and angry", or they "run away".  It is the same with therapy and therapists. When it comes therapists who are willing to do their job "right" the troubled child refuse to go to therapy.  Our recommendation to parents of troubled teens is that they stay clear of therapists who side with the chid in order to keep the child engaged in therapy (keep coming to therapy).  Therapy can be hard, tough, and those seeking therapy must be willing to do the hard work in order to break through tough emotional, mental, and psychological issues.

Most troubled teens avoid responsibility and hard work like they would the plague.  Most troubled teens are "troubled" because they refuse to be held accountable.  Its never their fault, they are victimes, they deserve to be treated better, and have no responsibility in the mess they have caused through their poor choices.  As long as nothing is asked of them they are okay.  The good therapists will challenge their clients and not allow them to play the victim role.  Exit stage left...

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Home - Therapy for Troubled Teens

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