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Boarding Schools for Kids with Aspergers Spectrum Disorder

The good news is that there are several good boarding schools for kids with Asperger's Spectrum Disorder.  If you are a parent of a struggling child who has been diagnosed with Aspergers you don't need a definition.  However, for those who do not know what Aspergers Syndrome is, the most simple description is, "Asperger's syndrome is classified as a developmental disorder that influences  a child's ability to communicate and socialize."  Parents... if you have reached the place where you need help with your struggling child, call the Educational Consultants of Troubled Teen Search.  We can help you find the perfect boarding school for kids with Asperger's Syndrome.  Call 866-439-8112.

Aspergers begins in childhood and persists through adulthood.  Asperger's affects the way kids learn "common sense", as well as the way they process information related to other individuals. It is a social dysfunction where normal processing of social cues is not understood by the child and therefore to others they seem to be  "acting inappropriately". Kids with Asperger's syndrome find human interaction challenging, interpreting creative thought and imagination differently, causing awkward and confusing social situations for everyone.

"Aspergers Spectrum Disorder" is now referred to as "Autism Spectrum Disorder", but for the purposes of this web page we will stick with the term that most people are familiar with. The familiar term "Asperger's," is now lumped together under autism spectrum disorder, "to help more accurately and consistently diagnose children with autism." Regardless of what the term is labled, the fact is that parents of kids with Aspergers often seek professional help to find the right academic and residential support for their struggling child.  If you are a parent of a child with Aspergers just know this... you are not alone and we can help.  We've helped hundreds of families just like yours.

Home - Boarding Schools for Kids with Aspergers Spectrum Disorder

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