Is your troubled teen in need of treatment?

While mental health problems may range greatly in troubled teens, the one thing that is constant is that they need help. Whether it’s social anxiety that’s plaguing them, or whether they’re suffering from depression or some type of addiction, therapy and counseling is a must. The only problem is, how do you know if you’re getting them the right kind of treatment? What kind of treatment works best for teens? 

Utilizing a Holistic Approach 

When it comes to treating teens, a holistic approach has been shown to have phenomenal results. Treatment centers which implement holistic methods often achieve greater success because they not only provide individualized programs for each teen, but they offer a means of treating mental health issues by addressing them from every angle: spiritually, physically, and mentally. 

By combining clinical methods of treatment – like psychiatric and psychological care – with knowledge and physical health, teens build their self-confidence and are able to re-train their thought processes to form healthy habits that can last a lifetime. Sometimes called holistic psychotherapy, holistic treatment doesn’t address mental health issues as purely a mental problem, it recognizes that all things affect the body and provides therapy to help restore balance. 

What’s Involved in Holistic Treatment? 

A holistic approach to therapy will include not just clinical and medical help, but also functional help – like nutritional counseling. The food we eat has been shown to affect brain chemistry and studies have shown that nutrition may contribute to depression. It will also include exercise and time in nature, where teens can participate in outdoor activities with others that are not only good for the body, but good for the soul. When substance abuse is part of the problem, the 12-step program will be included as well. Holistic treatment also recognizes that family is important, and family therapy will be a part of the healing process. 

Troubled teens need professional help to grown into independent, healthy adults – and getting the treatment right means an all-encompassing program with multiple paths to success. At Elevations RTC, they provide the kind of holistic treatment that facilitates whole-family healing, while providing the balanced care your teen needs. Your teenager’s adolescent years go so fast, so why not try a holistic approach to ensure they get the kind of therapy and counseling they really need? 

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