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You have come to the right place if you are searching for: boarding schools for troubled teens, therapeutic boarding schools, Christian schools, substance abuse treatment centers, wilderness therapy programs, residential treatment centers, transitional independent living programs, or other therapeutic programs for troubled boys & girls or young  adults.


We also list educational consultants, local therapists, Christian counseling centers, adolescent counselors, or behavioral modification programs from your State. Call and speak with one of our Educational Consultants and receive professional assistance in locating the perfect solution 866-439-8112.

Find the perfect solution for your troubled teen or struggling young adult is Family Advocate site supporting parents searching for troubled teen boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, Christian schools, wilderness therapy programs, transitional living programs, independent living programs, and various therapeutic programs for troubled boys, troubled girls, and struggling young adults.  

But our real heart's desire is to serve parents who have found themselves in the unfortunate and unplanned position of searching out Christian or therapeutic boarding schools. Is your teen or young adults child is acting out in any of the following (TTS) is an authentic and geniune website for parents searching for help for troubled teens. Providing a comprehensive listing of therapeutic boarding schools, substance abuse treatment programs, therapeutic camps, and specialized programs for troubled boys and girls or young adults is obviously our focus.

Typical Student Profile

  • Emotionally immature and making poor choices
  • Spoiled - Entitled - Brats
  • Plays the victim - blames others - rationalizes - shift and deflect responsibility
  • Lying - sneaking out - sexually active - dropping out of school
  • Isolating from family - rebelling against parental authority
  • Depression, mood swings, or anger issues
  • Experimenting or abusing alcohol and drugs, or even addiction issues
  • Rebelling against parental authority
  • Looking for acceptance, fearful of rejection, struggles with abandonment
  • Eating disorders, cutting, or other acts of self harm
  • New group of troubled friends
  • Academically crashed
  • Unable to get or keep a job
  • Cannot live independently
  • Failure to Launch

Typical Family

  • I don't trust my child...
  • I am afraid for his (or her) life...
  • I don't sleep well at night...
  • Fearful of answering the phone...
  • Waiting for the next shoe to drop...
  • My family is torn apart...
  • I walk on eggshells...
  • I live in constant drama...
  • I am concerned that my child will harm me, or someone else...
  • I am a prisoner in my own home...
  • Will this nightmare end?
  • Can someone help me?

Our purpose is to assist parents find the perfect solution for their troubled teen or young adults

Our noble purpose is to serve hurting and desperate parents, period. Our altruistic desire is to gather pertinent and valuable information and share it with hurting parents.

Our heart's mission is to post our research on and provide it free of charge to parents of troubled boys, troubled girls, and struggling young adults.

The Admissions Specialists have a combined total of 75 years of professional admissions counseling, serving thousands and thousands of hurting parents. We serve families of boys, girls, preteens, teens, young adults and Christian families.

Our greatest expertise is found in areas of admissions and enrollment in the best schools and programs in the country. We have done our home work and we have insider and intimate knowledge of various schools and programs.

Call now and begin to feel a delightful renewed sense of calm, assurance, confidence, and peacefulness (our 24 hour number is 888-597-9495). For in depth detailed intimate information about boarding schools for troubled teens call now, you'll be glad you did!

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Unfortunately, over the years thousands of parents have served shared their journey with us as we successfully served their family's need. Working with thousands of parents means that we have saved the lives of troubled teenagers and young adults. Many shared the notion that their task of sifting through all the web sites to find perfect boarding schools was literally impossible, especially when looking for therapy-based programs for troubled girls.

Unfortunately, there are way too many web sites available for parents of troubled teens, and 99% are designed for the sole purpose of taking financial advantage of desperate parents. The "search experience" hastened their nightmare. Most parents we have worked with "discovered" that many of the "directory" and "resource" web sites for troubled teens exist to exploit and take advantage of hurting parents, especially parents of troubled girls. Its all about the money! was started by two parents of former troubld teens, and their personal experience propelled them to develop TTS.


Behavior Health


Wilderness Therapy

RTC (Residential Treatment Centers)

Therapeutic Boarding School

Education Consultants/Mental Health

Intensive Outpatient Programs
Mental Health Counselor/Therapists
Kid is being worked with “at home”, local therapy. They want their client back

Focus on: (referral based)
Mental Health personnel
Educational Consultants

IOP patients

Addiction Treatment

Types: NTAAP - NAADAC - Foundations


Primary Care: 28 days

Extended Care: 60-90 days

Long Term Care: up to 1 year
12 step programs
Celebrate Recovery

Sober Living/IOP:


Focus on:
Mental Health facilities

Mental Health

Types: APA

911/Emergency: immediate crisis

Stabilization: up to 28 days

Psych Stay: 1-2 months

Structured Living:


Focus on:
Guidance Counselors
Public Professionals