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Therapy for Troubled Teens

Parents seeking therapy for their troubled teens are best served by local therapists.  The first line of defense is therapy from a professional near by your home.  Why?  Because the biggest obstacle to getting therapy for troubled teens is "getting them to the appointment".  Most troubled teens do not take responsibility for their behavior, they are excellent blame shifters, and its usually the parents fault.  So, getting to the appointment with the therapist is a minor miracle.  Troubled teens rarely respond to therapy.  Why?  Because they don't believe any thing is their fault.  Most troubled teens are troubled because they are emotionally immature.  They see themselves as the victim, "my parents are gay, studpid, and retarded... if they would only leave me alone..."  If you are a parent of a troubled child and you are having a hard time finding a good local therapist please consider calling Troubled Teen Search.  Our Family Advocates wish to coach you, assist you, and help you through this situation.  Call 866-439-8112 and get help today!

The Family Advocates of Troubled Teen Search has some experience dealing with troubled teens, parents in crisis, and teens resistant to therapy.  We can help you find ways to encourage your child to seek therapeutic help.  Moreover, many teens are responding well to Internet therapy.  Internet therapy is therapy with a therapist over Skype or another video conferencing software.  Virtual online therapy is catching on and becoming very popular.  Moreover, and most important, troubled teens are more readily accepting of online therapy.  Troubled teens do not mind talking to a therapist "online".

Our recommendation to parents of resistant teens (resistant to therapy) is to look to virtual online counseling.  Another description is "online life coaching".  If kids feel heard, if they feel "understood", and it the coaching is done over the Internet, they are more accepting of the therapy help from professionals.  We highly support any therapy for struggling teens, especially when the teen is engaged by choice and is invested into the therapeutic process.  For more information about therapy for troubled teens call 866-439-8112.

Home - Therapy for Troubled Teens

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder occurs in 3 to 5% of teenage boys and girls. For some reason this disorder occurs more often in boys than girls. ADHD is usually diagnosed in childhood mostly due to the bright contract in attention and activity level of children. These differences are dramatically noticeable when these children are required to maintain their attention during dull, boring and repetitive tasks, and continue to reflect on them into the teenage years if not treated properly. Sometimes troubled teens with ADD or ADHD may need a professional assistance overcoming the problems that they are faced with and many struggling teens need to be placed in the correct environment in order to restore themselves.
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