Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen


Confessions of a Teenage Drama QueenIf dramatic scenes in your home could compete with Academy Award-winning performances, odds are you have a teenager.  Raising a daughter who is a 'drama queen' can be a real drama.  “The world revolves around me”. There is no reaction but an over reaction. Everything is a crisis, everyone hates her, everyone’s mean, she just can't take it any more. Complaining eventually becomes like the sound of an annoying pest that won’t go away and you eventually end up tuning it out.  Your only hope is that she will have a daughter who is just like her, so that someday she’ll understand why you’re old and wrinkled before your time.

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When Hormones are on a Rampage, Cry Babies are Going to Cry

For girls and their parents, the teen years can be an emotional time bomb.  This is a time when you realize that your dear, sweet child has become a raging crisis queen who relishes in being the center of attention.  But, a lot of your child’s mood is biologically beyond her control.  The hormones are on a rampage, and it is as confusing to her as it is to you. So, it is up to you to give your daughter the tools she needs to help in getting over this adolescent stage.

In some ways, every girl is a cry baby.  Emotional crisis gives them the chance to explore the range of their emotions. Many of them turn to this way of expressing themselves because they are looking for extra attention.  They start to realize the attention that a slammed door grabs.  It is possible that your daughter is struggling with peer pressure and is having a hard time expressing herself to family and friends.

Use Your Skills

It takes skill to tame your teenage animal, with a combination of persistence, creativity and most of all patience. Talk with your teen and help her learn how to express feelings, concerns and fears without needing to create a crisis.


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