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A young adult's failure to launch into adulthood is an increasingly common problem. WayPoints is a wilderness therapy program offered by WinGate Wilderness Therapy (1-800-560-1599). On one hand, modern society expects more and more of its young people, placing new stresses and further demands than on each preceding generation. On the other hand, the world our young adults are entering is becoming so fragmented, with school and job prospects in constant flux. The stresses placed on developing teenage minds can sometimes stifle developmental growth and inhibit young adults from achieving independence and self-reliance. For parents looking for solutions that can best help their young adult children to gain a hold on their future, the failure to launch can pose frustrating obstacles. To learn more about how the WayPoints wilderness therapy program might help your troubled teen, call 1-800-560-1599.

You often hear people say cliches like, "Thirty is the new twenty." While this might make some people feel better about getting older, it actually describes a generational problem afflicting society at large. Young adults are having a more and more difficult time establishing their autonomy. On the individual level this is due to identity developmental problems. Schools and parents shifting priorities have made it possible for students to achieve acceptable results while not developing character or values. The internalization of strong, stable core values is necessary to make the decisions that adulthood demands of us and to live up to our responsiblities and obligations.

The WayPoints program places young adults in a new and challenging scenario outdoors where they will confront choices and challenges that require them to respond with good choices and to act decisively. Wilderness therapy, combined with a more traditional examination of underlying problems will help young adults to find the self-reliance to make mature choices and transition into responsible adulthood. To learn more about how to help your young adult with his or her failure to launch, call 1-800-560-1599.


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