Got Any Ideas For How to End Teen Bullying Today? Here’s 9 To Start With 

there's no escaping bullying for some students


1. Improve communication skills. Most bullies don’t know how to communicate their feelings, so they often resort to talking with their fists.

2. Teach tolerance and understanding. A lot of this behavior stands from lack of understanding and failure to see another person’s viewpoint or identity as valid.

3. Focus as much on the bully as the victim. Too often we try to figure out why the victim is being bullied, and not why the bully is doing the bullying. We need to understand that not all bullies are created equal, and we must do what we can to address the root problems leading to their behavior.

4. Let’s teach kids the right kind of self-esteem. The right kind of self-esteem doesn’t teach you that you’re better than other people, it teaches you that you have value as a person, just like everyone else does.

Bullying is a serious issue and it can sometimes lead to situations that require professional therapy, both for the aggressor and the victim. If you know a teenager who is involved in a bullying relationship, call Lava Heights Academy at 1-866-452-8772.

5. When bullying is in the news, lets discuss it with our teens, and encourage schools to do the same. Bullying sometimes leads to suicide and other preventable outcomes. Let’s avoid more tragedy by taking every incident we hear about as an opportunity to create deeper understanding and more open communication.

6. Let's ask teens to come up with their own solutions to bullying. Sometimes we can be condescending in the ways that we offer advice to our kids. Maybe we fail to understand the dynamic at school. Either way, encouraging kids to use their problem solving skills will help them develop positive conflict resolution behaviors.

7. It sounds obvious, but if you see something say something. The same goes for your kid. There’s a difference between being a snitch and helping to stop something that could quickly get out of hand.

8. If there is a place where bullying happens over and over again, encourage school faculty members to closely monitor that location. Sometimes bullying is a crime of opportunity.

9. Be Inclusive. Fostering an atmosphere of exclusivity is counterproductive when you’re trying to get people to get along.

What ideas do you have to stop teen bullying today?


Behavioral Health


Wilderness Therapy

RTC (Residential Treatment Centers)

Therapeutic Boarding School

Education Consultants/Mental Health

Intensive Outpatient Programs
Mental Health Counselor/Therapists
Kid is being worked with “at home”, local therapy. They want their client back

Focus on: (referral based)
Mental Health personnel
Educational Consultants

IOP patients

Addiction Treatment

Types: NTAAP - NAADAC - Foundations


Primary Care: 28 days

Extended Care: 60-90 days

Long Term Care: up to 1 year
12 step programs
Celebrate Recovery

Sober Living/IOP:


Focus on:
Mental Health facilities

Mental Health

Types: APA

911/Emergency: immediate crisis

Stabilization: up to 28 days

Psych Stay: 1-2 months

Structured Living:


Focus on:
Guidance Counselors
Public Professionals