How Jesus Can Bring Solace to Floundering Girls


How Jesus Can Bring Solace to Floundering GirlsToday’s youth are looking for hope and assurance.  Jesus offers hope and solace because he cares about us and our struggles in life. Floundering girls who will allow him to be the source of their strength can find help and comfort during difficult times.   Do not give up hope or loose hope.  Jesus knows your pain, understands the situations we find ourselves in and cares deeply about you.  He is with you, has a plan and a purpose.  All you need to do is put your faith in God’s Word, even when it’s hard, and allow the Holy Ghost to be a comfort.  

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Lighten the Load

There are some things that can help to “lighten the load” of a weary spirit:  Start each day out with a prayer of thankfulness.  Everyone has blessings that they do not recognize.  Thinking about and thanking God for each blessing that we come to recognize, will help to “lighten the load”.  Then, go throughout your day with a prayer in your heart and Christ will be there to bring you comfort.  


Since music is the language of the heart, when we sing, we are dealing with our negative thoughts on more than just an intellectual level.  Play an uplifting song on your iPod or put on some Christian music or sing your favorite hymn.  Just listening won’t always do, you need to sing along.  To the top of your lungs if you want, just sing.  Singing godly music helps you get out of the dumps.

Let Go of What You Cannot Know

We all have questions that we just, frankly, cannot answer.  Many times those are the questions that revolve around the whys of life.  Why did it happen to me?  Why did it happen to my family?  These are all questions of the heart, and the answers may not come in this life.  Remember, all you need to do is put your faith in God’s Word and allow him to bring solace to you.


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Therapeutic Boarding School

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