How Simple Friendship Skills Can Help Your Teen Escape a Spiral of Narcissism


How Simple Friendship Skills Can Help Your Teen Escape a Spiral of NarcissismNarcissism is a dangerous characteristic for teens to possess, because if it’s not rectified quickly, they are likely to lead a very lonely life.  Teaching them some basic friendship skills is often all it takes to help them escape the spiral of narcissism.  Narcissistic people usually end up lonely, because their peers don’t want to be around them.  However, you can work with your son or daughter avoid this.

Teaching friendship skills can make the difference between a narcissistic teen who only cares about themselves, and a teen who is surrounded by close friendships and people who care about them. Cedar Ridge Academy has the proper therapy to assist young men and women with this issue, so call them today for assistance at 866-471-6629.

Tips to Overcome the Issue

It is fairly common for teenagers to be a bit overly-focused on themselves, but it becomes a problem when your son or daughter only wants to talk about themselves, is only out for their own benefit, doesn’t care about the feelings of other people, or is excessively vain.  Narcissism might be what they are suffering with, and it can prevent them from forming close bonds with their peers.  Nobody wants to hang out with a self-centered jerk.  However, these simple friendship skills can assist them in turning the issue around.

1 - Asking Questions - Even if it isn’t something they particularly care about, you must stress to your teen the importance of asking their peers questions about their ideas and interests.  Asking questions shows others that your are taking an active interest in them, and they appreciate this and will respond positively.

2 - Consider How Their Actions Affect Others - If your child only thinks about how what they do affects themselves, it gives off the impression that they don’t care about what happens to others.  Showing them the implications of their actions on other people offers some important perspective.

3 - Be Kind and Enthusiastic - Most narcissistic adolescents find it difficult to feign their enthusiasm or interest when they are talking about other classmates or doing something to help someone else, but at least acting kind and interested can make a huge difference.

Getting Treatment with Cedar Ridge Academy

Getting your child professional assistance can completely turn their lives around.  Cedar Ridge Academy gives the students who enroll with them the proper therapy and socialization techniques to help work past their narcissistic ways.  If you are interested, contact them for assistance.


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