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Integrity House | Residential Treatment Center for Troubled Girls

At Integrity House, a Residential Treatment Center for Troubled Girts, they know exactly how adolescents struggle, and that troubled girls with real issues can be very difficult.  Yet, there is an answer, and at Intergrity House the success that they have seen has been enjoyed by hundreds of young women and families over the years. For more information about Integrity House please call one of our professionally trained Family Advocates and get help for your struggling daughter today (866-439-8112).

The "troubled teens" years are filled with uncertainty and the "lack of purpose and direction" leaves a struggling teen with a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, wondering if life will ever get better. Integrity House is a licensed & accredited residential treatment center for struggling teenage girls, ages 12-17.  The girls that Integrity House serves are experiencing difficulties within their homes, disruption of family relationships, problems at school, and strain in their community.  Integrity House is a safe haven, a positive environment, where hope is restored and lives are revived.


"....The Mission Statement of Integrity House is to provide teenage girls with the tools needed to make smart choices and build healthy relationships throughout their lives...."


The philosophy of the Integrity House program uses a proven approach toward modifying negative behavioral patterns, and the outcome is the foundation for change. One of the main objectives of Integrity House is to provide a safe, yet structured environment where each teenager is able to learn and apply the values of responsibility, respect for authority, self respect and self motivation.  With these tools in hand, your daughter is able to return to her home, school and community with positive and lasting results.  The Metamorphosis process is amazing.


Integrity House is fully licensed Residential Treatment Center for 29 girls ages 12  to 18 years old.  They are located in Cedar City, Utah.  The staff ratio is 1 staff per 4 residents. Integrity House provides supervision 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The facility is a secure building with an alarm system on the doors and windows as well as Night Staff being in charge of monitoring the students.  They provide a safe, secure, and structured environment.  The girls are always in the presence of qualified professional staff and never leave the premise without professional supervision.


Integrity House is accredited by JCAHO (Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations). The JCAHO Accreditation is the same accreditation that hospitals use to become licensed.  This shows that the level of care at Integrity House is above and beyond what most programs offer.   Integrity House will bill your health insurance as a courtesy for you, as some insurance companies will cover certain aspects of their program.   Please notify Integrity House upon Admission that you would like them to file claims with your insurance company.  Their policy states that you will pay for the services up front and be reimbursed by your insurance company for any portion that they cover.


Integrity House specializes in issues such as: low self esteem, depression, RAD, lying, manipulation, physical outbursts, Bipolar disorder, ADD,ADHD,ODD, borderline personality disorders, post traumatic stress disorder, narcissism, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, pregnancy, sexual activity, promiscuity, sexual abuse, truancy, declining grades, disrespect, refusing to follow family rules, defiance, running away, aggression, suicidal ideations and attempts, cutting, anger, stress, poor peer relationships, and co dependency.  This may seem like a large list of issues, however, most of these issues are a part of the same problem, and the issues are only the presenting symptoms.  At Integrity House they are committed to digging deep to reach the ‘heart’ of the problem.  They work on the deeper issue, which in turn takes care of the symptoms.


Integrity House has a full time licensed therapist on staff as well as a part time therapist. Each resident typically receives one individual therapy session a week, 2-3 group therapy sessions per week, as well as one family therapy session per week that is facilitated on the phone.  They also have Equine Therapy, where each resident works with horses and a trained, licensed therapist twice a month.


Integrity House is academically accredited through Northwest Association of Accredited Schools.  They have three certified teachers on Staff as well as a Certified School Principal.  Most of the girls enrolled in their program are behind academically due to their behavior and choices. They work with them to get caught up so they can return and graduate with their class or they may graduate high school through Integrity House during the period of enrollment.  If appropriate, they will do career planning and assist your daughter in applying to colleges. They have a study course in the ACT/SAT tests and can arrange for those to be taken as well.

Integrity House also provides life skills in all aspects of daily living including cooking, proper food handling and preparation, cleaning, money management, laundry, proper etiquette, job interviewing, self esteem, co-dependency, anger management, relationship building, and stress management.  The average length of enrollment is anywhere from 6 to 14 months depending upon the student, the depth of the issues, and the dynamics of the family.  They custom suit each student with a program that encourages growth at the fastest possible rate, however, true heart change takes time and commitment. The presenting issues did not occur overnight and they will not be corrected overnight.





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