Is Lady Gaga A Good or Bad Role Model for Troubled Teens?


Is Lady Gaga A Good or Bad Role Model for Troubled Teens?Many troubled teens look towards pop icons as role models, and Lady Gaga is no exception. Because of the image that she puts forth, many parents may feel like her music is not at all suitable for their kids. When it comes down to it, parents can’t avoid the influence that she has on teenagers today. She is one of the most influential people in pop music today. Even if you don’t believe that Lady Gaga presents the right sorts of values for your kids, teenagers need to be taught discretion. Red Rock Canyon School is a residential treatment center that is able to help adolescents with many different issues. If you are a parent interested in our program and what we do, please call one of our Family Advocates today at 866-452-8121.

Lady Gaga and Her Influence on Troubled Teens

Even though many parents may not appreciate the image that she puts forth, Lady Gaga has always advocated positive virtues. She has been a hard worker since she was young, learning piano at the age of 5 and performing regularly by the age of 13. She is one of the few pop stars that actually writes her own music, plays her own instruments and sings live. 

Compared to many pop stars, Lady Gaga lives a life that exhibits more positivity than other pop stars. What it comes down to is that parents need to be aware of what their students are involved in. Young adolescents are impressionable, and many take influences from many different places. It’s possible that teenagers could be influenced by the lyrics that a star like Lady Gaga writes, and parents need to teach their adolescents the difference between art and real life. 


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