Signs of Addiction in Troubled Teens at Red Rock Canyon School


Red Rock Canyon School is a residential treatment center that is very efficient at providing your troubled teens all the help that they need, and if your troubled teens are showing signs of addiction, the time may be now to find a residential treatment center for your students. Signs of addiction in troubled teens can manifest themselves in many ways. Troubled teens tend to become withdrawn, and their schooling suffers greatly. The professionals at Red Rock Canyon School want your students to overcome whatever issues they may be dealing with, including the underlying problems that are often associated with drug addiction. The residential treatment center that we offer here at Red Rock Canyon School provides many different sorts of therapeutic options to help your troubled teens get on the right track to success for the long term. We know that you as parents struggle greatly with the problems that your troubled teens have, but our professional staff members are here to help. Call us today at 866-452-8121.

Family Profile for Troubled Teens with Signs of Addiction at Red Rock Canyon School

Reaching out for help, but "who do I listen to?"
I am concerned that my child will harm me, or someone else
I am a prisoner in my own home
Will this nightmare end?
Can someone help me?
Angry and afraid, "why me?"
Tried Everything - Frustrated
Scared - Anxious - Worried
Fearful of answering the phone
Waiting for the next shoe to drop
Numb - Dumbfounded
I can't bargain with my child any longer

Red Rock Canyon School is a JCAHO accredited residential treatment center with many therapeutic services and qualities. At Red Rock Canyon School, we are able to offer to troubled teens several different sorts of therapy options, including vocational programs and community service activities. We aim to keep troubled teens active and participating in the community as a part of their therapy and recovery. For troubled teens who need to restore their grades and get on the path to graduating, Red Rock Canyon School is here to help with that as well. Troubled teens, especially those dealing with drug addiction, typically have a hard time in school, but Red Rock Canyon School is here to help in the best way possible. For parents that are interested in learning more about  Red Rock Canyon School and how we can help your troubled teens, please give us a call today at 866-452-8121.


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Therapeutic Boarding School

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Kid is being worked with “at home”, local therapy. They want their client back

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Mental Health personnel
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