What Kind of Example Are We Setting for Struggling Teens When We Celebrate Trainwrecks LIke Lindsay Lohan?


What Kind of Example Are We Setting for Struggling Teens When We Celebrate Trainwrecks LIke Lindsay Lohan?The fact that the media is giving so much attention to trainwrecks like Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and Emma Roberts (who recently bit her boyfriend) is very damaging to the mental state of struggling teens.  We don’t want to send the message to their fragile minds that this kind of behavior is in any way desirable or rewardable, but that is unfortunately what they are being led to believe.  

If your teen is being too heavily influenced by bad celebrity role models, it might be time that you put a stop to it before they emulate their actions too closely.  Cedar Ridge Academy instills the right values and priorities in teenage boys and girls in order to fully reform their bad behavior, so call them for assistance today at 866-471-6629.

The Dangerous Actions of Celebrity Trainwrecks

It’s no secret that teenage boys and girls are easily influenced.  Because they are young, their values, morals, and ideas are still being formed, and are therefore very malleable.  In recent years, the media has been playing a larger part of this, because through their numerous electronic devices, adolescents are constantly connected to the outside world.  As a result of this, they are constantly being updated on the lives the young celebrities that they idolize.  While this might not seem so harmful, it certainly has become this way recently, as the behavior of the young and influential starlets have become more and more scandalous.  For example, Lindsay Lohan’s rampant drug and alcohol abuse, DUIs, and theft are sending out the wrong message, especially because her punishments are never severe.  Adolescents should never be lead to believe that these kinds of actions are inconsequential.  Other instances include Amanda Bynes, who is displaying increasingly erratic habits, including supposedly throwing a bong out a window, and Emma Roberts, who is going through a domestic violence controversy.  Parents must stress to their teenagers that this sort of conduct is not acceptable in any way, and that these celebrities are setting horrible examples of how a decent person should behave.  

Finding the Right Help

Cedar Ridge Academy teaches the young men and women who enroll with them what good examples of right and wrong behavior are.  You can be sure that your son or daughter will be getting the best help available no matter what their issues are, so contact Cedar Ridge for help today.



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