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Teen Boot Camps in Lewes, DE

Troubled Teen Search is a premier directory site of therapeutic treatment programs helping parents find the most suitable facility for their struggling teen. The chances are that parents of troubled teens reading this might not even know where their teen is. Teenagers are learning like everyone else, and the influences that are around them can lead to skipping school, failure in grades, substance abuse, addiction, shoplifting and worse. This not only frustrates the parents to no end, but could lead to getting those troubled teens the wrong treatment when it comes to correcting those behaviors.

Parents should know that the best treatment programs for teens are often found outside the area of Lewes, DE. Nevertheless, the good news is these facilities admit adolescents from all over the country. Boot camps for troubled teens are often the first thing people look up in order to help their teenagers straighten up and get a handle on life. What many people fail to realize though is those scare tactics can often lead to worse behavior later on, a repeat pattern of the behavior, or criminal activity since they are no longer afraid.

Troubled Teen Search - Youth boot camp instructor providing therapyThose boot camps are not safe, and they don't bother to teach those troubled teens anything but the word "no." Almost a brainwashing effect that can lead to future instability in their behavior as well as social skills. Not all boot camps are created equal and there are many reasons to stay away from those camps. These fear tactics are short-lived and can lead to resentment, even though the parents were trying to help.

Instead parents of troubled teens should try alternate therapy that promotes a positive outlook for that energy that is pent up inside them. Recovery doesn't have to be mean, but rather promote a healthier lifestyle and a way to be able to come back from their beaten path knowing there are people who care for them. The treatment programs at Troubled Teen Search show the teens a new path or success, of help, and of how to deal with the aggravations that are affecting them. It is a positive way of showing them their behavior is wrong while teaching them how to make it right.

Remember help is just a phone call away! Call Troubled Teen Search at (866) 439-8112. Consultants are there to help guide you and your teen on the right path.

Summer Boot Camps

With today’s youth focusing on living rebellious and in a carefree manner, it is extremely common for teens to get caught up in harmful behaviors, such as sexual promiscuity, criminal activities, and substance abuse. This results in parents of teens being forced to rely on therapy and recovery treatment to help their teen to combat their addictions and harmful behavioral tendencies. Many times, parents feel that the best source of therapy and treatment comes from summer boot camps for teens. However, this is not actually the most effective solution.

A recent national study revealed that a staggering 9 out of 10 Americans who meet the criteria for addiction began engaging in substance abuse before the age of 18. Since adolescence is the critical time period for the initiation of substance abuse, many parents of teens want to act right away and send their teens to a summer “boot camp”, believing that the stiff environment and strict discipline will correct the problem. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Boot camps are too focused on discipline, and do not address the struggling teen’s underlying psychological issues through proper therapy and treatment. This is why it is incredibly important that parents of troubled teens examine alternative solutions and methods of treatment.

Troubled Teen Search - Troubled adolescent getting disciplined at boot campSuccessful residential treatment centers use non-confrontational approaches to healing. Instead of trying to force behavioral changes on struggling teens, they strive to assist them in gaining insight into how these harmful behaviors manifested in the first place. These centers show teens how to develop new skills and habits, thus producing far more effective and positive behaviors and actions.


Troubled Teen Search is available to help parents find the optimal facility for their teen. They are a comprehensive directory site of various types of residential therapeutic schools, centers, and programs for troubled teens. Through phone consultation, they guide parents through the process of choosing the best treatment option for their teen. Parents of troubled teens are encouraged to call them at (866) 439-8112 as soon as possible.

Youth Boot Camps

In today’s society, it is very easy for teens to get caught up in negative and harmful behaviors, such as sexual promiscuity, criminal activities, and substance abuse. When this happens, parents of teens must rely on therapy and recovery treatment to help their teen with their addictions or other harmful behaviors. Often, parents of teens feel that the best source of therapy and treatment comes from youth boot camps. However, there are far more effective solutions available to help guide and encourage struggling teens toward a new path in life.

Troubled Teen Search - Adolescents in school and in recoveryRecently, the Society for Research in Child Development revealed that over 1 million teens end up in juvenile court each year, with roughly 160,000 of them being referred to residential correctional facilities such as: detention centers, correctional institutions, and group homes. While such solutions are popular, they actually tend to have adverse effects. Most correctional “boot camps” focus on discipline and maintaining a strict environment, rather than positive therapeutic treatment for these struggling teens. This is why it is important for parents to explore alternative treatment options.

When searching for residential treatment centers, it is important that parents find one that promotes an environment of responsiveness, which reduces resistance that teens may have toward authority. Successful treatment centers promote cooperation, rather than the confrontation that boot camps emphasize. The respect and positive regard shown by their noteworthy therapists provide insights into each teen as individuals, as a means of best guiding them toward positive ambitions and a new direction in their lives.

Troubled Teen Search is available to help parents find the solution that their troubled teens need. This comprehensive directory site of therapeutic centers and programs is available for a phone consultation to help parents of struggling teens find the optimal residential therapy program in their region. Call (866) 439-8112 today!


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