Wilderness Therapy Programs

Therapeutic Wilderness programs for troubled teens and young adults are therapeutic programs designed to assess the underlying issues that create the problematic behavior. Our goal is to help you, the parent of a troubled teen or young adult, sift through all the options available to you and focus on meeting you and your child's specific needs (emotional, therapeutic, and financial). We recommend some of the best wilderness therapy programs in the country. We believe that we can save you time, money, and years of heartache.

The majority of therapeutic wilderness programs for troubled teens and young adults are founded on the premise of promoting personal growth through outdoor adventure. The inherent adversity in the wilderness offers an effective way for troubled teens and young adults to activate a deep sense of accomplishment while discovering the patterns of thinking that have led to the disruption of life (negative behaviors and poor choices); developing a sense of self-confidence, self-awareness, and personal fulfillment. More survival oriented in nature, wilderness therapy programs for troubled teens and young adults provide the catalyst for participants to develop effective life skills; including decision-making skills, problem solving skills, goal setting skills, communication skills, leadership skills, as well as developing character. Personal commitment to one another (group leaders, other participants, and counselors) is critical to a successful wilderness experience. The adversity develops positive attitudes where trust and service toward others leads to success.

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