Help for Parents of Troubled Teens

At Troubled Teen Search we help parents of troubled teens to find therapeutic options.  Our hope is to help parents find relief, support, and therapeutic assistance that will make the difference.  Our job is to save the child, restore the family, and bring hope back into the home. The parents we work with have "tried everything and nothing seems to work!"  The parents we work with have tried traditional therapy, drug treatment, school counselors, intensive outpatient treatment, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.  But their teenager has gotten progressively worse.  The parents we work with have teenagers who have not responded well to the traditional therapy options.  

We help parents of troubled teenagers find boot camps, group homes, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, substance abuse counselors, outpatient therapy, intensive inpatient therapy, residential treatment centers, drug rehabs, therapeutic boarding schools, and wilderness therapy programs.  We work with parents of teens struggling with general rebellion, depression, mood disorders, ADD, ADHD, Learning Differences, ODD, OCD, Asperger's Spectrum Disorder, Autism, drug addiction, substance abuse, and many more issues.

The typical family we work with is a caring family who loves their children.  Our parents are dedicated, loving, and totally invested into the best interest of their child.  The parents we help are tired, confused, hurting, and lost.  Many of the parents we work with do not know where to turn, and they have no idea what is available to them.  Our mission is to help parents to properly evaluate and assess the situation, and then help them find the perfect therapeutic option.  The truth is that we help parents by reviving hope, restoring faith, and helping them to understand that they are not alone. 

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